Are you a professional who is short on time and long on stress? Or a mother who wants to feed her family nutritious meals quickly and easily? Or a woman who wants to lose a few (or a lot!) of pounds in a healthy and sustainable way?

Wellness coaching may be the solution for you. It gives you personalized one-on-one support, motivation, accountability, and practical advice on how to meet your health and wellness goals. Wellness coaching will:

  • Help you feel better
  • Increase your confidence
  • Improve your health
  • Help you choose and eat foods that you like
  • Increase your energy
  • Get to your goal weight
  • Improve your relationships
  • Foster a healthier and happier family
  • Open up options to new health and wellness solutions
  • Help you be efficient and effective and not just put out fires
  • Reach your business and personal goals
  • Manifest a person who is relaxed, calm, and happy

Wellness coaching utilizes your own ideas and preferences for lasting behavior changes. We can work with any of your health and wellness goals such as weight loss, healthy nutrition, stress management, increasing exercise, staying organized, and family health.

It can help you take charge of your life and hold yourself accountable for the positive changes you will be making – at your own pace.

Wellness coaching is not a substitute for proper medical consultation and diagnosis. However, a coach can support your treatment plan by helping you develop strategies to better manage your condition and make healthy lifestyle changes.

Enliven Wellness can help you change your life with Practical Wellness Solutions.

"Jenn is simply amazing. I was having a really hard time feeling motivated and finding the right balance in my life and she was extremely helpful in getting me back on track with my health goals. She is focused and committed and I felt that her services were very targeted and unique. I highly recommend working with her to anyone seeking a positive change in their lives. She is great!!! You won't regret the investment." S.P.